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Patrick R. Cogan & Linda Compton, Co-Presidents:

Cogan, Patrick (Co-President)
Compton, Linda (Co-President)
Desaulniers, Meredith  (Treasurer)
Lemieux, Lise (Secretary)  
Jessie, Cheryl (Membership Chair)  
Mark Tazelaar (Grievance Chair)

Burnett, Diane (CVHS)
Clark, Donna (TES)
Demetrion, Darlene (BES)
Cogan, Patrick (GBS)
Compton, Linda (GBS)
Dunning, Shannon (PES)
Jessie, Cheryl (GBS)  
Lemieux, Lise (GES)  
Johnson, Andria (CVHS)
Jones, Tracy (SMS)
King, Robin (Delegate)
Morris, Gil (CVHS)
Orcutt, Cheryl (FES)
Robins, Jean (HES)
Tazelaar, Mark (CVHS)
Weston, Christina (SMS)
Zawacki, Cindy (AES)
Parshall, Lucius (DCS)  

Negotiations Committee
Lori Groleau (Co-Chair)
Gregory Leonard (Co-Chair)                                                        Lise Lemieux (Secretary)                                                            Larry Bourgoine
Rachael Heard
Patricia MacFarlane
Patrick R. Cogan
Linda Compton
Michelle Hautanen
Rachel Hawkinson (Uniserv Director NEA-NH)


Monadnock Region                                                                                                                   Melissa Alexander (Co-President)                                     Cogan, Patrick (Co-President)                                               Burnett, Diane (Treasurer)                                                         Diana Griffen (Secretary)  



We use to send notices about important meetings, events, and information. is designed for teachers to communicate with students, but it works well for us too!  Join our “class” by signing up for brief e-mail OR text message notifications at:


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