CVEA has a NEW Website!

Thanks to a grant, the CVEA has worked with ConVal HS alum, Patrick Groleau, to design and implement a new website for all your CVEA needs! Thanks to our NEA-Monadnock representative, Patrick Cogan, for setting up the content of the website and getting us running. Visit the new website at!

This website will no longer be updated so bookmark our new page for all your updates!


Thank you, ​voters!

Dear Voters of the ConVal Community,
The ConVal Education Association (CVEA) would like to thank you for showing your support and voting in favor of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).  By having a current contract, we can attract and retain great quality educators.
The CBA won by 61% with a total of 2,473 yes votes out of 4,043.  Last year the vote was 54% in favor of the CBA with a total of 1,590 yes votes out of 2937.
The ConVal Educators truly appreciate (( each and every)) vote.  It’s great to see so many of you who value and support what we do within the walls of the school for the children ((each and every day.))
Please check us out at “Friends of the CVEA” on Facebook where you can keep up to date of what’s happening.  Also, visit and subscribe to our Youtube channel by searching “ConVal Education Association” to see video recordings of the ConVal School Board meetings.
Again, thank you!
Patrick R. Cogan, CVEA President

Letter to Voters from the CVEA

Please vote YES on Article 1 – the 2019-20 Budget.

The budget is up 1.8% over last year’s budget. There are really no new programs being added to this year’s budget. The increase is mostly due to fewer state funds coming back to the district.

If the budget is not passed, then we must use the Default Budget and the district must cut almost $1.25 million. Nearly all of the students would be impacted if we don’t pass Article 1.

The default budget would mean having:

  • 6 ½ fewer staff between the middle and high schools to support their needs.


The default budget would mean that students would lose access to enrichment opportunities:

  • the Cornucopia program
  • the New Hampshire Dance Institute
  • funds for Advanced Placement (AP) testing
  • funds for Running Start classes
  • Summer programs at both the middle and high school
  • 5th block enrichment classes at the high school and arts integration opportunities across the districts


The default budget would mean that the following athletic opportunities at the high school would be cut:

  • both of our ice hockey teams
  • golf team
  • spirit teams
  • Freshmen boys’ basketball team.


A default budget would be felt by nearly all of our students. Choosing what to eliminate in order to reach the default is a process that is both painful and one where we all lose.

Please vote YES on Article 2 – the Collective Bargaining Agreement.


The School Board voted unanimously to approve the contract and the CVEA was also overwhelmingly in support.  The 2-year contract, appearing as Article 2 includes:

  • salary and wage increases
  • additional professional development for new teachers
  • Increased employee contributions to medical insurance premiums in the 1st and 2nd year of the contract, which constitutes cost savings for the district.


Please Support Your Local Community. Vote on Election Day on Tuesday, March 12th.

A letter from the CVEA to the Voters

Timeline of Warrant Article 3, the Facts!

Dear Members,

In an effort to clarify recently released information, the CVEA would like to share the following timeline concerning the amount calculated for Warrant Article 3:

The Fact Finder’s report recommended that employees be placed on the hiring matrix according to their professional years of experience.  The Fact Finder’s report was provided to the CVEA and the School Board Negotiating Team on December 26, 2017.

After receiving the School Board Negotiating Team’s cost of Warrant Article 3 on January  8, 2018, the CVEA asked for a copy of the worksheets used to determine how much the School Board Negotiating Team believed each employee would be paid. The School Board Negotiating Team had calculated the cost to implement the report using employees’ prior contract step placement instead of years of professional experience.

The School Board Negotiating Team initially refused to provide the requested worksheets. Only after the CVEA submitted an RSA 91-A (“Right to Know”) request, did the School Board Negotiating Team comply. This information was provided to the CVEA on Thursday, February 1, 2018.

By this time, the school district warrant had already been published in preparation for the deliberative session which took place on Tuesday, February 6, 2018.

The CVEA’s representative told the School Board Negotiating Team’s attorney prior to the deliberative session that the CVEA did not agree with their methodology for calculating the cost of the contract, and expressed concern that the amount the School Board Negotiating Team had published on the warrant might be insufficient to cover the actual cost.  This concern is why the CVEA asked to see the employee-by-employee calculations prior to the deliberative session. The CVEA did not challenge the School Board Negotiating Team’s calculation at the deliberative session because, under New Hampshire law, there is no legal mechanism to amend a warrant article stating the cost of a collective bargaining agreement at a deliberative session.

After the voters approved the warrant article, the School Board Negotiating Team requested to interview Dr. Allan McCausland, the Fact Finder. During a phone conference, Dr. McCausland reiterated his words: “No returning teacher (SSP) shall have a salary less than the salary on the hiring matrix for newly hired teachers (SSPs) with the equivalent degree, credits, and experience.” (Fact Finder 5.3.1).

The ConVal Negotiation Team

Patrick R. Cogan, Linda Compton, Lori Groleau, Greg Leonard, Larry Bourgoine, Lise Lemieux, Michelle Hautanen, Patricia MacFarlane

Important Contract Meeting

There will be a meeting this Wednesday, April 11th starting at 4pm at the High School.  (Room TBD)  The meeting will be open to all.  Only members will be allowed to vote on any possible changes of next year’s contract information. If you run into any issues or concerns around attending Wednesday’s meeting, please let Patrick Cogan know by emailing

Schedule Announcements

Last day of school for students will be June 22nd 
Which would be….
990.75 for elementary students
1070 hours for middle and high school students
Graduation for senior June 16th

Please note….. Educators currently have pd for 25th, 26th and 27th

Based on policy IC -School Year
The school year shall include a minimum of 180 instructional days for students and additional days for the teaching staff, emergency days, etc.

Any days that the schools are closed for emergency reasons will be made up at the end of the school year or during recess periods, as approved by the Board upon the Superintendent’s recommendation.

Alternatively, the school year may consist of the number of hours as required by New Hampshire Department of Education Rules. In the event schools are closed for excessive days for emergency reasons, the Superintendent may recommend to the School Board a revised schedule that satisfies all Department of Education requirements, but which may amend the number of days in the school year.

Legal References:

RSA 189:1, Days of School
RSA 189:24, Standard School
NH Code of Administrative Rules, Section Ed. 306.18, School Year
NH Code of Administrative Rules, Section Ed. 306.19, School Calendar
NH Code of Administrative Rules, Section Ed. 306.27 (q), High School Schedule for Seniors/Graduation